Move from Anxiety & Depression to Breakthrough and Spiritual Growth

Many Christian women struggle to live the abundant life God has for them due to anxiety & depression.  They feel hopeless and distant from God; confused over what to do about it.

Solution-Focused Spiritual Direction helps Christian women with anxiety & depression discover the action of God’s Spirit in their lives so they can move forward with clarity, hope and a sense of purpose.

I understand how overwhelming it feels to be anxious and depressed. As a former therapist, I have successfully helped hundreds of women feel better and re-engage with the God who loves them unconditionally.

In our work together, you will experience:

  • A deeper connection to God
  • Increased awareness of how He’s moving in your life
  • Greater joy and confidence as you step into the future

God does not intend for you to live in constant worry, fear and sadness. He desires for you to experience life to the fullest and to live on mission for Him!

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Sliding scale fee structure offered. 

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