Move From Stuck & Frustrated to Thriving & Engaged

Is this as good as it gets?

  • Your job is a “meh.” You’d like to do something more fulfilling, but it seems risky.
  • You want to be more connected to your family. But stuff keeps getting in the way.
  • You wonder if your life will ever be used for a higher purpose.

You want things to change, but are unsure of how or where to start. You feel frustrated, unsatisfied, confused or stuck.

I understand. I’ve been there. And I can guide you through what changed everything for me: A Life Plan.

A Life Plan is a strategic roadmap to guide you from HERE to THERE. Over two days, we’ll walk through 20 proven tools and processes that:

  • Establish what you desire in each area: Personal, family, vocation, church and community.
  • Protect what’s working, change what’s not, clarify what is confusing, and add what’s missing.
  • Discern how your story, talents, heart, wiring and values intersect with your passions.
  • Shape a compelling purpose that articulates your unique contribution.
  • Identify opportunities where you put that unique contribution to work.
  • Map out and prioritize actionable next steps.
  • Select trusted people who can act as your personal Board of Directors.

You’ll discover your God-given purpose to inspire you. You’ll have a plan in hand to guide you. And you’ll have a sense of significance to encourage you.

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“I didn’t feel that I needed a Life Plan.  But God had a different idea.  After getting to know Jeff as a friend, I felt God leading me to ask Jeff to facilitate a LifePlan.  Boy, was I blown away.  With Jeff’s masterful guidance, God showed me some areas of my life that need serious work.  I feel excited to implement my LifePlan and have already seen some wonderful fruits from it within one week.”


Jeff’s Life Plan facilitation has been a lamp for me at my time of greatest need. I was trying to do too much in almost every category of life. And, as a result, I was wasting valuable time and energy. Jeff guided me through challenging processes and exercises that cleared the clutter from each area of my life. We drew healthy boundaries. The Plan provided clear and purposeful direction of which I feel completely confident. I had no idea that two days of hard work could literally paint the tapestry of my life. Now the hard work of executing has begun, but I have more positive energy to execute than I can ever remember.”


“I spent 16 hours with Jeff. I came into our sessions with confusion, but walked out with clarity and a measurable plan. The LifePlan gave me better insight into my own story and my unique strengths. If you’re feeling stuck or simply need a fresh set of eyes from someone who is genuinely “for you,” I highly recommend Jeff as your Life Plan facilitator.”