Move From Confusion to Clarity

Starting college or your career should be an exciting time. But for many young adults (and their parents), it is the opposite > STRESS.

That’s because many young adults begin their professional lives as “drifters.” They don’t fully understand how they’re uniquely gifted, what they’re passionate about, their values, or where they could make their best contribution. As a result:

  • In college, they may change their major multiple times, often increasing costs and the time it takes to graduate.
  • In careers, they wander from job to job for years until they stumble on one that seems to fit.

There’s A Better Way.

Young Adults can begin this chapter with a clear understanding of how they are wired, what their passions are, what they’re good at, what they care about and the environments they thrive in.

A Young Adult Life Plan is a one-day, interactive planning session designed to unearth insights so they can make intentional decisions about what they major in, where they go to school, or what careers they are best suited for.  Based on what we learn together, we build an action plan and identify people and resources who can help them establish momentum for their Young Adult Life Plan.

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Monica (College Junior) 


“Jeff’s facilitation in my Young Adult Life Plan really opened my eyes to how God has wired me. It was such a special time to sit down with someone I felt really cared about me and my future and map out my strengths, weakness, values, drives, talents, and other insights together. Cross-filtering those observations with potential career fields gave me clarity on how to approach opportunities in general, but specifically future considerations when it comes to my vocation.”

 Noah  (College Sophomore)

“As a student that is considering my career path, Jeff helped give me a better understanding of my unique design. I discovered what motivates me and the career environments that are best in line with my life goals. I now have practical steps to pursue these goals and have designated people that will help keep me accountable.”